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Window of Opportunity: parents on diagnosis and treatment of CP

27 Sep 2021

At CPActive’s Window of Opportunity launch event, four parents of children with cerebral palsy bravely told the story of their child’s diagnosis and treatment.

Some were able to receive an early diagnosis, giving the family the answers they needed, and their child the chance to receive the early treatment that can drastically improve their health and mobility outcomes as they grow up.

Sadly, other parents weren’t so fortunate. Their families endured long months of fear, stress, and desperation as they sensed something was different with their baby, but were forced to seek answers on their own as they tried to help their child.

You can read about their stories in detail in our wrap-up article, Stories from the Launch.

Watch the highlights from the parent panel at the Window of Opportunity launch below.

What you can do

The stories of Eden, Kylie, Marelle and Anne prove how early detection can change lives. Families can’t just ‘wait and see’ – they need answers so they can give their child the support they need to thrive.

That’s why Australia needs BaMS for Bubs: to open the window of opportunity for every baby, and every family. With your support, we can make it a reality.

If you haven’t already, sign the petition to the Federal Government here!

If you have experience with receiving a CP diagnosis and treatment, either your own or a family members, you can share your story with CPActive here.