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Podcast: ‘Speaking Up’ with Bronya Metherall and Tara Moss

14 Nov 2021

Cerebral Conversations is a podcast series by Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Each episode features an inspiring discussion with changemakers living with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities.

We can all be agents for change, but we need to find our voices first and the courage to speak up.

In this episode, Bronya and Tara speak up about creating communities that empower those living with disability. How can we challenge governments to enact change that creates truly inclusive societies? What does advocacy really mean, and when does it really work? How can we help people find their voice and see the power in their personal storytelling? And how on earth can we get people to care about a cause that doesn’t personally affect them?

Bronya Metherall is General Manager of Global Influence & Social Impact at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. She leads CPA’s global advocacy campaigns, including World CP Day and Window of Opportunity, our campaign to introduce universal early childhood screening for cerebral palsy. Through advocacy, government relations, policy reform, innovation and capacity-building, she’s helping us affect social and economic change to create more inclusive communities. 

Tara Moss is an author, former model and ambulatory wheelchair user living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Tara uses her public profile to help de-stigmatize disability, chronic illness and chronic pain. In 2020, she accepted the honorary role of Pain Champion with Pain Australia.

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