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Podcast: ‘Early Diagnosis and Meeting Eve’ with Nadia Badawi

13 Nov 2021

Cerebral Conversations is a podcast series by Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Each episode features an inspiring discussion with changemakers living with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities.

One in 10 babies born in Australia end up in a NIC unit in our hospitals. In Australia we can do ethical, safe as can be, best research on stem cells and other therapies that parents are crying out for.

Join this cerebral (palsy) conversation with internationally renowned neonatologist, Professor Nadia Badawi. Early in her career, Nadia realised that working with newborns was an opportunity to change the entire course of a person’s life, not to mention having a huge impact for their family and the wider community. That realisation has taken her on an incredible path, becoming a leading voice in neonatal intensive care.

Nadia shares her perspective of the remarkable story of meeting baby Eve six years ago. This story was told by Eve’s dad, Joe Darcy, in episode two. Through early diagnosis of cerebral palsy and early intervention baby Eve’s life was transformed from a bleak outlook into the “little blonde cannonball” she is today. 

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