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Meret Hassanen

Meret is 24 and enjoys the fast-paced nature of film and TV production. Her determination to get into the industry was cemented by asking for plenty of feedback on her independent work, showing her managers that she would not give up when things got too hard.

She was fortunate to undertake a mentorship through her university, connecting her with around 20 peers who were studying media and arts. Meret says it was like a family, because they participated in many social and extra-curricular activities together and was never made to feel as though she was any different to her friends.

Meret joined CPA as a champion to help show people that having a disability isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. She would like to work on educating people about removing the assumptions about what people with disability can and can’t do. It is important to her that people remove their barrier of expectations which can limit opportunities for PWD, especially in workplaces. She says employers should judge a person on their skills and whether they are the right person for the job, instead of being a disability hire.

In her free time Meret enjoys travelling and learning about other cultures, reading, swimming and catching up with friends- especially when she can drive there to see them!