Declan Lee

Declan is 28 and studying his second degree, a Juris Doctor in law, which he can use in his advocacy for people with disability by better effecting change through knowledge. His friends call him a Social Justice Warrior!

Although he found the pandemic isolating, Declan was able to use the down-time to discover his potential about how we can help people like himself get a fair go as well as the same opportunities that are extended to everyone else.

Declan was the only student with a disability when he was at school and that has left him with a complex relationship towards his CP. However at university he was able to make a diverse group of friends as well as find like-minded people through avenues like the Sci Fi club.

Declan is a Board Member on the NSW Ageing and Disability Commission, where he uses his lived experience of CP as well as his academia to provide personal insight and inform people on government about issues and barriers that people with disability are experiencing. He has joined as a CPA champion to do his bit to fight for a more accessible and equitable world.

His passions include cars, science fiction, movies, reading and skiing as well. He loves animals and has an assistance dog called Kara.