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Daniel Clarke

Daniel is 25 and is passionate about saving the orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra. He and his brother William have raised $965,000 for their cause, co-authored two books and raise awareness of protecting their habitat by presenting at schools to thousands of students. Daniel and his brother were awarded the 2021 Queensland Young Australian of the Year, recognised for their conservation efforts and inspiring the youth of Australia to be passionate for our environment.

Having CP has never held Daniel back, having completed a degree at Macquarie University. He has met with Prime Ministers, Royalty and Ambassadors, currently employed at Griffith University as a research assistant and plays Wheelchair Rugby at a state level! 

Daniel finds it empowering to talk about having CP, using his voice to crush stigmas and break stereotypes of people with disability. Bringing awareness to issues such as accessibility and what can be achieved with the right support . That’s why he’s signed on to become a CPA Champion, to be a voice for change.