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Millions of Reasons: the best of World CP Day

7 Oct 2021

October 6 marked World CP Day, and people around the world took to social media to share Millions of Reasons to celebrate.

So many amazing stories and photos were shared from every corner of the world – both by people living with cerebral palsy, and from their nearest and dearest who seized the day to celebrate their loved ones.

There are too many to list, so here are just a few of our favourite moments from the day:

1. World CP Day’s incredible compilation of people sharing their reasons to celebrate (guest starring our own CPActive Champion Hannah Diviney!)
2. Samantha Louise’s heart warming story about her daughter Ava and her twin sister

“I want to celebrate CP day by showing my twin girls play together, interacting with each other as individuals, they aren’t restricted by their differences when they are having a giggle.

“Their physical differences are significant, Avas CP is severe, but they both want to enjoy life. Being non verbal, the best way Ava communicates this young is by laughing so hard at her sisters antics most of the time. It’s heartwarming to watch.

“I am grateful to learn from Ava every day and be given an alternative perspective on life; a tough lesson in life which continues to make me stronger.”

3. Perth-based model, actor and activist Emily Prior

“Emily’s reason – to challenge and change stereotypes people have about disabilities. She wants to see disability in the media, in Film and Television so that kids like her get to see themselves represented. She wants to show that having a disability is not a tragedy. She’s totally proud of who she is!”

4. Former Aussie Paralympian Katrina Webb

“Happy World CP Day!! The world can prosper by celebrating the gift of ‘neuro-diversity’ that Cerebral Palsy brings. Each year, #WorldCPDay encourages people around the world to come together to celebrate and support those living with cerebral palsy. #MillionsofReasons

5. Mikey ‘wearing and rolling every shade of green’ for fashion label Mighty Able
6. Comedian Rosie Jones treating us to a truly adorable throwback
7. Aaryan Shah, who you might recognise from CPActive’s Virtual Ticker Tape Parade

“Aaryan’s reason for celebrating World Cerebral Palsy day is because he loves being part of a community of diverse individuals all doing great things in unique ways.

Aaryan wants perceptions of people with disabilities to improve and for people to not assume they know all about someone’s condition without asking questions first.”

8. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chiming in!

What was your reason to celebrate World CP Day? Share it with the CPActive community in our new Facebook group!