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Employment project: callout for consultations

28 Feb 2022

The employment rates for people with disability are unacceptably low in Australia. Less than 50% of people aged 15-64 years with disability are employed, compared to 80% of their peers without disability. This gap has not changed for decades.

Various projects, strategies and schemes have been implemented by federal and state governments. But despite this, Australia’s participation rate for people living with disability is on par with developing countries – and it needs to change.

Any strategy for inclusive employment needs to be based on the lived experiences of people with disability. That’s why Cerebral Palsy Alliance is conducting consultations with people living with CP and similar conditions to understand your employment journey.

Would you like to have your say? Email project officer Dula Hettiarachchi at to express your interest!

The consultation will include questions about:

  • What employment means to you
  • Your positive and negative experiences with finding a career
  • What are your tips for organisations and companies
  • Creating inclusive practices and environments
  • Hopes for the future of employment

These consultations will shape CPA’s recommendations for how governments and employers can support people with disability to find and retain a fulfilling and successful career.

If you’d like to participate in this exciting project, please email project officer Dula Hettiarachchi at If you’re not comfortable speaking directly, that’s okay – feel free to send your thoughts in writing!