• Sep, 2022

    Highlights of Youth Lab#3- the power of networking

    Our third and final ‘Youth Lab’ was held on 14th September, where young people with cerebral palsy came together to help inform a pilot program that teaches young people with CP around Australia how to use networking to their advantage.

    NextGen ambassador Meret Hassanen gave insights into how she was able get into the tough media industry through the power of networking.

    “I was fortunate enough to do an internship with the ABC as part of my degree and I kept in touch with the manager I worked with… I emailed her and asked for feedback. She rang me one day out of the blue and said ‘I have a job going in my team, you should apply’ and that’s how I got my first job with the ABC and all the rest have taken a similar track,” Meret said.

    Participants shared their excellent tips and tricks of the trade in finding and utilising your best networks.

    “Networking equals having access to providers who work towards supporting your through achieving your goals. Goals in work, social and life circumstances,” explained Cassie.

    For others, technology was listed as an important asset, like Eleanor who encouraged others to “use fear as a motivator!”

    While Jack summed it up perfectly with “sometimes you’ve got to take a risk!”

    Although this was our last Youth Lab, it is also just the beginning of something much bigger for CPActive including our pilot program which is being launched in 2023.

    Our next event is on October 14 for the World Cerebral Palsy Day Awards. Absolutely everybody is welcome to come, keep an eye out in your inbox for the invitation.

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